Who is he/she family members

An information gap activity to practice "Who is he/she?" question and some family members

My teacher wanted me to make an activity where kids could practice "Who is he/she?" So I thought it would be a good idea to integrate it with family members since they learn it together.

This is a simple information gap activity. Each kid get a different worksheet. The numbers have circles on them depending on the family member they have. For example, if there's a circle on 1, they will have the family member that is on space 1.

They will walk around and find another kid with a different number. They janken and the winner asks "Who is he/she?". The loser answers "He/she is my __________". And then change. They can either write in japanese or make a draw in the blank space.

Make sure that everyone understand the game and that they don't just show the picture but use the target language.

Have fun!

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    Submitted by ezedebella February 17, 2023 Estimated time: 20min
    1. monadotme June 16, 2023

      it looks fun but very less information is provided to understand how to play.

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