Students practice words for family members or talk about their families.

  • Japan Family Visit Activity

    This April\May my family is visiting Japan and my school is allowing me to take my brother and dad to a day of classes! If you have family visiting, feel free to use this activity too!

  • Next Please!

    This an activity similar to GO Fish but instead with English questions. Activity objective is to learn questions indicators ( 5 W’s, How, Are, Can, Do ).

  • Who is he/she family members

    An information gap activity to practice "Who is he/she?" question and some family members

  • Family Tree Poster

    A poster to use in your English classrooms or on your English board

  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas

    A simple PowerPoint to teach the Christmas song "We Wish you a Merry Christmas!" Pictures and animations included.

  • Thanksgiving Dinner Party

    A logic puzzle featuring family members doing different things at the dinner table during Thanksgiving.

  • Comparatives and Superlatives

    This is a powerpoint presentation of comparatives and superlatives showing some examples.

  • Singular Verbs

    Sample sentences using singular verbs

  • He/She is my ~ (family edition)

    Please feel free to use this to review the use of He/She and to introduce family members in English.

  • Powerpoint Flash Card sets

    Sets of Powerpoint flash cards for ES/Special Needs

  • Shark Attack!

    Hang Man-style game using words from New Horizons Picture Dictionary

  • New Horizon 5 U8 Review (Sentence Auction)

    Please feel free to use this to review the target sentences of New Horizon's U8. Teams bid to win the artworks with sentences with the hope of getting points.

  • People Art

    Zip file of about 35 illustrations of people.

  • My Hero Word Scramble

    Unscrambling words has never been so PLUS ULTRA!!!

  • Family Rules - My family makes me...

    Students practice the Causative Verb grammar point by talking about what their families make them do.

  • Family Tree Game

    In groups, students listen to questions from the ALT about family members in a family tree and race to answer the question correctly. This is for the "who" grammar point.

  • Introducing Characters

    Students mingle and exchange character cards whilst introducing the characters to their friends. The aim is to try to find out the relationship of as many characters as possible within 8 minutes.

  • Birthday Present Memory Game

    "What do you want for your birthday?" Memory Game

  • Doraemon Is My Brother

    Students take a character card and roll a dice and say a sentence based on the outcome, e.g. "This is Godzilla, he is my dad."

  • Family Tree

    This is a fill-in-the-missing-blanks race game.

  • My Crazy Family

    This information gap activity is fairly self-explanatory. Students work in pairs to complete the worksheet.

  • Vocabulary Wars

    This is a vocabulary battle that can be used with any small set of vocabulary. It is great for younger classes, but can work with any grade.

  • Paper Airplane Introductions

    Students read a self-introduction from one of their classmates, then the class guesses which student it's from.

  • Who is Sazae's brother?

    Students race to find the correct Sazae-san family member based on questions asked by the ALT.

  • Sazae-san's Family

    This is a simple game in which the students become a member of the Sazae-san family.

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