This activity will allow students to do some creative thinking and come up with their own inventions to solve a problem faced by their age group.

Inventions Game- Group Activity

  1. Students will make small groups (depending on class size). They can move their desks together as it would make it easier to play the game.
  2. Each group will get 1 paper (Inventions ESL Game)
  3. Groups will compete to put the inventions in order based on the dates they were invented. From oldest to newest
  4. Cutting out each picture is time consuming so students can simply write the number order for the inventions on each picture.

Answers are in the PPT
I would recommend giving students the first and last invention so they have an idea of the order.

Worksheet- Pair Work

  1. Students will write the most important inventions to them. (Show example in PPT)
  2. Interview 2 students and find out what inventions have changed their life.

Group Activity

  1. Students make small groups (can be the same groups as before)
  2. Brainstorm and think about problems they face/ problems faced by persons in their age group.
    For example: not getting enough sleep

  3. Come up with an invention that will solve this problem (I encourage students to create an app as its more relatable).

Groups will present their ideas to the rest of the class.
It is quite possible that this activity might rollover into 2 classes. The brainstorming especially will take some time.

Inventions game-

Small files
  • Inventions Worksheet- HS.docx (28 KB)
  • Inventions game 1.pdf (334 KB)
  • Inventions game.pdf (469 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Inventions Worksheet 2.pptx (1.11 MB)
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    Submitted by ashgalethia February 28, 2023 Estimated time: 1-2 hours
    Inspired by Inventions

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