Prince Harry

This worksheet includes a listening activity and brainstorm session. Students will also write what they think is the best part about being a prince.

Submitted by ashgalethia

March 2, 2023

Estimated time: 50 minutes

Listening Activity

  1. ALT will read the article at an appropriate pace and students will arrange the sentences in order.
  2. I got the article from (I condensed it a bit as it was too long)
  3. Students can read the passage outloud with their partners

Brain storm (Pair work)

  1. Question: What do you think of when you hear the word 'Prince'?
  2. Encourage students to write either 1 word (Rich) or a short phrase (Meeting people) as this is just brainstorming.
  3. Choose a few students to share their ideas with the class.

Writing Activity
Based on the brainstorming session they can choose what they think is the best part about being a prince and expound on it.

***I have also attached a PowerPoint. The order of the slides is a bit different than the worksheet. Last minute i decided to do the brainstorming before the listening activity.

Small files
  • Prince Harry- Spare Worksheet.docx (60.8 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Prince Harry- Spare PPT.pptx (3.1 MB)
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    1. Nisemono March 2, 2023

      not sure how many ALTs have been forced to teach local eikaiwa classes on weekends, but the breakingnewsenglish website has been such a life saver. if only i could use these in elementary and junior high. I'm sure it must be a great tool if youre teaching at a high school.

    2. ashgalethia March 6, 2023

      it saved me one day when we had to plan a last minute lesson. definitely a life saver

    3. Sean1112 March 6, 2023

      Aside from some vocabulary you'd have to clue them in on, the grammar included in level 0 articles are often at the (end of) second year JHS textbook level, so the kids should technically be able to understand. Given a good amount of time and support I'm sure there's a way to use breakingnewsenglish in JHS, but I'm not sure how. Determined to find a way though

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