Agree to Disagree Opinion Activity

This activity is based off of the point of view activity on page 99 of New Horizons 2. It specifically targets the "A is better than B" comparative and expressing agreement or disagreement.

(10 min) Set Up: Works best with some sort of powerpoint or written example on the board. (PC/TV requirement is optional depending how you present the examples). Basically, start by giving an opinion statement: Mine, as seen on the worksheet is "I think Stray Kids is better than BTS. What do you think?" I did it with a powerpoint my JTE set up so it showed pictures of the two groups. Following asking, we wrote the target answers (I agree/disagree, I think so, too/I don't think so) on the chalkboard. JTE explained the meaning in Japanese and we practised the pronunciation.
This example is a bit complex and doesn't target all students- so after sharing my main opinion, we ran through two more examples:
1) I think school lunch is better than boxed lunch. What do you think?"
2) I think watching movies at the theatre is better than watching movies at home. What do you think?

After each example, we asked students to raise their hands and tell us if they agreed or disagreed. We asked students to expand a bit with 'why' and the JTE had them share in Japanese if English was too difficult and then helped them translate it into English. Some students could share simple sentences in English like "Lunch boxes are more delicious"

(20min - 5 for explanation, 5 for writing, and 10 for activity) Main Activity:
Now that we had a practice session, we handed out the worksheet (attached - as a word doc for easy editing) and explained it in sections´╝ÄFor the first section, I rehashed my opinion statement and we wrote it on the board, circling Stray Kids and BTS to indicate this was the information they had to replace. Students were then given 5 minutes to write their own opinion statements. During this time, students could raise their hands for help and check their textbook for words. If students had trouble, I suggested easy topics like food, anime, animals, and so on. Knowing what interests the students have makes it easier to suggest targeted things to them.

Once the students finished writing, we explained the interviewing portion, using the blackboard and worksheet. There are three columns, first is for the name of their classmates, second for the classmate's opinions, and third for if the students agrees or disagrees. We used > and < to show which thing they thought was better than the other to cut down on the time it took them to write while talking to each other. The backside of the worksheet also has a sample conversation and a vocab box, which we directed them to use as needed, but not rely on. With that, students stood up and roamed the classroom. (If you can't do this, you can also have students rotate seats and use a timer). Timing is fairly flexible, you can tailor it to your student ability level and how you run the activity.

(~10 min)Closing:
The last part of this activity has everyone return to their desks and write 3 sentences about their classmates' statements, in the form of "Mr/Ms~ thinks A is better than B. I agree/disagree."

If there was extra time, we asked them to share what they wrote.

Note: I only used the comparative "is better than" but in theory you could open it up to other comparatives as well!

Anyways! Hope that all makes sense :) If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I'll try my best to answer!

Submitted by SpaceLynn March 7, 2023 Estimated time: 40 minutes
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    Thank you!!

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