Zodiac Animals Word Search

A quick word search based on the final chapter of Let's Try 1!


Here is a quick word search I made for a ES 3rd grade class studying with the Let's Try 1 textbook series! I managed to squeeze all 12 animals on here somehow!

It is a good way for them to both review animal vocabulary from the final chapter of the book while also looking more at uppercase alphabet letters.
I noticed when it prints in black and white the sheep and dog can sometimes disappear depending on the printer, so if your printer is finicky, it might be worth switching the sheep to a black color before printing instead.

My 3rd graders love these word searches, and I try to keep the rows like this so that thye already know where to look for the long words. This one has a lot of crossover, which will make them really look hard.

I included the answer sheet in two different formats as well for depending on what type of answer sheet works best for you and your class.

I hope you like it!

Submitted by noveena March 14, 2023 Estimated time: 10 minutes
  1. Enocirrat February 26, 2024

    Thank you, this will be great for my students! They love word searches :)

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