End of year review Kahoots for NH1 & 2

2 Kahoot quizzes used for end of year review class warm ups.

Submitted by YokohamaCPFC

March 14, 2023

Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

Quiz questions that cover most of the grammar from 1st and 2nd grade NH JHS course. 1st grade is 15 questions, 2nd grade is 11.

1st grade:

2nd grade:

  1. Mullberry March 15, 2023

    Thanks for this, I have 5 schools and only one is a JHS. When ever I go there they never give me anytime to out anything together. Because I don`t work with them that much I never know what they are doing or what they have covered yet. I love Kahoots. So this will be helpful if they ask me to pull something out for the last day.

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