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After reading the update on ALTopedia about the server costs I decided to do some housekeeping on my lesser liked activities and share them all here (along with others that I haven't shared before) via Google drive.

Usually I will do some work on activities to get them ready to share and as easy as I can make them to understand and use. I haven't done that on some of these! If you have any questions on how I use them, you can write a comment and I will reply when I can.

I urge you all to take a read of Jake the Admin's latest update on File size limits and also consider subscribing ($4 a month is a great deal to support the cost of this great website). I finally subscribed yesterday after saying I would sometime around Christmas... Sorry Jake!

Have a great day as always!

Google drive link:

Submitted by jiggswalsh March 16, 2023 Estimated time: Various
  1. UonumaRobert March 16, 2023

    Good idea. I don't know much about google drives however I think you need to do something to make it open access to anyone with the link.

  2. jiggswalsh March 16, 2023

    Ah bums. Thanks! The link should work now

  3. UonumaRobert March 16, 2023

    Yep. Works. Honestly though I'd keep your stuff posted here as it is. Your files are modestly sized and none of them are huge anyway and going forward there will always be a lot of users who can't access goggle drivers. Maybe use the google drive for some variations or in progress stuff.

  4. Jed101 March 16, 2023

    wow, Thanks

  5. jiggswalsh March 16, 2023

    That's a fair point but I have wanted to clean up my ALTopedia contributions for a while though. Also, users can always access Google drives from their personal computers at home, then email it to themselves or bring stuff on a USB drive to work. There are usually work arounds.

  6. UonumaRobert March 16, 2023

    Work arounds can be hard. If goggle drive is blocked odds are using a personal USB isn't allowed and borrowing one isn't always easy especially for a new ALTs who don't have solid relationships at school yet. Plus I don't think Jake is looking for activities, even the whales to vanish from the site. I think he is hoping for more support covering the expenses and little by little he's getting it. Long ways to go yet. That being said clean away, I'm a compulsive reorganizer during the downtime.

  7. jiggswalsh March 16, 2023

    I think I might upload the file and provide a google drive link too for those that can use it in future. Perhaps that is a good way to move forward.....

  8. UonumaRobert March 16, 2023

    Its a good idea. Maybe upload one base version of the activity and a link to ones that have different target languages. It would be good to list what those various ones are though. That way somebody who can't use google drive can request to see the alternate version.
    Also I don't think the 'thumbs up' mean all that much in terms of how liked or used our activities are. Most of my stuff has very few thumbs up but I get the impression a lot of it is used a fair bit.

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