Glorb's Cannon

Practice your correct spelling knowledge and shoot Glorb as far as you can!

Submitted by Aurora Edutainment

March 16, 2023

Estimated time: 5-10 minutes

Choose the correct spelling out of four possible buttons.

Each correct choice fills the cannon with more explosives.

Make a wrong move, or run out of time, and it's BOOM time!

How far can you get?


Alternate link :

  1. Ulysses March 17, 2023

    This was a ton of fun for me so I'm sure my kids will get a kick out of it. However, there may be a glitch twice now the game has stopped after about 90,000 meters

  2. JunointheInaka March 17, 2023

    This sounds awesome, but the link isn't working for me at the moment...

  3. Metapod March 17, 2023

    This looks fun! however i cant use it as the font used isn't what my students are being taught in school, is there any way you can upload a version with the font HG教科書体? or even "Comic Sans MS"? it would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Aurora Edutainment March 17, 2023

    @Ulysses 90.000 meters?!
    As in ninety thousand?

    I don't know how to reproduce that error. I gotta 'git gud' :D

  5. Aurora Edutainment March 17, 2023

    @Metapod updated with Comic Sans ! :D

  6. noveena March 17, 2023

    The first two links seem like they take me to a different game, but the alternate link works perfectly! Thank you!

  7. Aurora Edutainment March 17, 2023

    @noveena surely it's your imagination and not me failing to juggle multiple projects at once.

    (fixed, thanks for letting me know) :D

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