New Horizons 5 I like...I don't like...

Get your students thinking about their likes and dislikes. Best used in conjunction with the textbook.

First, distribute the worksheet. Use a model (I provided one with the activity, modify it if you like) and do each category (food, sports, color) with the students.

First, I did food. I told the students what I like and what I don't like. I asked the HRT, and then asked for volunteers. After getting some volunteers, I gave the students two or three minutes to draw "EZ pictures" or write in Japanese or English. I also let them use their picture dictionaries.

I did the same process for sports. For color, I changed it up a bit and told the students to make circles using their colored pencils.

Some common questions I picked up from students via my HRTs:

"Can I write if I'm not good at drawing?" Yes, you can write instead.

"Can I draw more than one food/sport/color?" Yes, you can draw two or three. (My HRT capped them at 2.)

After the drawings are complete, practice the "What ____ do you like? I like..." with the students. Refresh their memory!!

Then we used the worksheets as a memo for the "Let's Try 2" activity on page 12 of the New Horizons 5 textbook.

I won't say this activity was a big hit, but it really helped my students with their communication.

Submitted by JackyKillian1701 April 20, 2023 Estimated time: 10 to 15 minutes

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