Animal 3 Hint Quiz

Simple and entertaining 3 hint quiz using animals and Be verbs.

Submitted by JayTyler

April 28, 2023

Estimated time: 5-15 minutes

An animal-themed 3 hint quiz for use in 5th-6th ES, and/or 1st grade JHS. I created this for my 1st grade JHS students for unit 1, but my older ES students also loved it. I haven't done it, but I bet this would go great with a special education class. Please let me know how this went over in class! I used it in Google Slides, but it should be fine in PowerPoint.

I typically play it by introducing the 3 hints, confirming the students understand the vocabulary, then getting some guesses via raised hands, before finally revealing the answer.

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  • Animal3HintQuiz.pptx (16.9 MB)
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    1. gaijinmack May 1, 2023

      Thank you! My special needs class loved it!

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