New Horizon 3 Units 0-1 Blooket Review

No preparation multiple choice web quiz style game for students (each student needs ipad/computer)! Q's include vocab and grammar from Units 0-1.

Goal: Review Units 0-1 vocab and grammar from New Horizon 3

Materials needed: Teacher device, Students also need their own devices


Blooket is a web quiz-style game. It's similar to Kahoot but has many more game modes! The simplest game modes to use are Battle Royale, Cafe, Fishing, and Gold Quest. I highly recommend you demonstrate how to play first. You should play around with the game first before class to familiarize yourself with it. My JHS students go CRAZY for Gold Quest.

Once you host a game on your device, have the students follow the directions on the screen and type in the game code into their devices/ use the QR code to join the game.

For a variation of the game, you can have students pair up on a single device and work together.

Submitted by mp2899 May 12, 2023 Estimated time: As long or as short as you want! 15-50 minutes
  1. MrMomotaro May 15, 2023

    This is wonderful! My 3rd year JTE and I have been actively looking for non-Kahoot websites to try and spice up the lessons since most other non-English teachers also use Kahoot. Gotta love sites that have so many resources for free!

  2. murasakimochi May 15, 2023

    Awesome! Thank you !

  3. Japanese May 22, 2023

    Hello, great. Question: Students need an account to play? I try with to play and someone couldn't join. Thank you

  4. scotty May 31, 2023

    @Japanese Students don't need an account. Host sets the game up, and players go to and type in the game ID that the host will have. There's also a QR code to join but I've never used that.

  5. ramsey May 13, 2024

    its a great site, sadly a lot of the schools that I work at have a filter which will filter anything with the word play in it...

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