My Hero Academia Review Game

An all purpose review game where the ALT just needs to plug in the questions and answers. Ready to go in minutes !

This is an all purpose review game that is quick and easy to prepare and will take up a large chunk if not all of the lesson.

If you've ever used @Judekichi's Mario Party game then you will be familiar with this setup (although I built this from scratch, I shamelessly used their game as a template for creating mine).


  • Just plug in your own questions and answers

How to play

  • Put students into six groups and give each group a whiteboard and pen
  • Show the class the question and have the groups race to get the correct answer
  • Once a group has their answer, have them raise their board so you can check it.
  • First group to answer correctly is first in the turn order, then second, then third etc.
  • Using the above turn order, let the groups pick a card to get points or activate a hero card for special abilities.
  • Click the card to reveal the points/hero behind them.
  • Keep score of the groups points on the blackboard. Group with the most points win.


  • To edit the questions, hide the big hero images. They are named as follows: Deku2, Allmight2, Uraraka2 and Bakugou2.
  • Click the number on the card, not the card itself (this will just move to the next slide).
  • When the big pictures of the hero's pop up, click (or tap) them to make them disappear again.
  • Eraser Head's binds don't need to be tapped, they disappear after a moment.
  • When writing the groups points, write them numerically and do not tally. There are a lot of 'steal' and 'swap' cards so you will be moving scores around quite often.
  • I have included a slide without anything behind the cards AND a slide with all of the heros/scores. This is for those of you who want to add your own slides.

For those who have played Judekichi's Mario Party before

  • Unlike Mario Party action cards, the hero cards do not end the round. Just click the hero picture that pops up and keep letting teams pick cards until they are gone.
  • I wanted this game to feel a little more chaotic as the students love the drama of 'stealing' and 'swapping' points so there are a lot of hero cards per round and lots of point swapping/stealing.

I want to say a big thank you to @Judekichi for the Mario Party game. I have gotten so much use out of it. Whilst this is an inferior and shameless rip-off.. I also like to think of it as a tribute :)

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • MyHeroEnglishReview.pptx (11.2 MB)
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    Submitted by TakoyakiTacos May 23, 2023 Estimated time: 35 - 40 minutes
    1. HolliAnderson June 2, 2023

      GASPS this is amazing! I use the Mario game all the time but I love MHA and so do a lot of my students! A tribute indeed!

    2. TakoyakiTacos June 12, 2023

      @HolliAnderson Thanks ! I used Mario so much last year because my students just wanted games... Felt the need to switch it up with "the same but different" approach.

    3. Judekichi July 18, 2023

      My friend sent me a link to here!! I'm glad that the Mario game helped you out and served as inspiration 😆
      I actually ripped off of Lucasmh's Apex game, so I can't take all of the credit though 😂

      Also, I actually uploaded a blank template of the Mario game where the action cards don't cause the round to end anymore! 😆✨

    4. TakoyakiTacos August 29, 2023

      @Judekichi Thank you for your hard work ! Your Mario game helped me cover more last-minute prep lessons than I care to remember :)

      Lucas' Apex game is another life-saver I have used :D I can see the inspiration. And thank you for letting me know about the blank Mario Party version - I will put that into my game rotation !

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