A fun and time flexible points game themed after everyone's favorite conbini fried chicken !

Submitted by TakoyakiTacos

May 26, 2023

Estimated time: 20 minutes at least

I told my elementary students that I loved famichiki and they have been asking for a famichiki-themed game ever since !

Below are the ways that I would use this game however these are not the only ways to use it - get creative with it and apply it any way you want :)


  • If using the 'Questions' version then you need to put your own questions and answers in (shouldn't take long).

How to play (elementary version - no questions)

  • Put students into their groups and ask the whole class a question.
  • Next, ask one student from each group to stand up and give the apporpriate answer.
  • Then, once all groups have answered, ask the standing student to pick a set of hands (1 - 4)
  • When all groups have chosen a set of hands, play the animation for the falling items.
  • Keep track of the scores on the board and team with the most points wins.

How to play (JHS version - Questions)

  • Split students into groups and give them a whiteboard and pen.
  • Show students the question on the slide and have students write down the answer.
  • Once all students have presented an aswer you can then let the groups pick a pair of hands (1-4)
  • Play the falling items animation and update the students scores respectively.
  • Team with the most points wins.

Now my students can stop asking me for a famichiki game.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • KARAAGE CATCH (elementary version - no questions).pptx (5.75 MB)
  • KARAAGE CATCH (JHS version - Questions).pptx (5.76 MB)
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    1. jason May 31, 2023

      This is hilarious, I love it.

    2. TakoyakiTacos May 31, 2023

      @jason Glad you like it !

    3. nkeyalt June 1, 2023

      This is brilliant, thank you very much! What an original idea, 10/10.

    4. TakoyakiTacos June 1, 2023

      @nkeyalt Thank you ! I appreciate it :) I actually used it for the first time with my ES students today and they almost brought the roof down !

    5. Danakco June 2, 2023

      This has been great fun! Works really great with special needs classes and as a quick blast kinda game with smaller first grade JHS classes. I have added some sound effects to mine including the family mart opening door sound! recommend it!

    6. TakoyakiTacos June 2, 2023

      @Danakco I'm glad that you've found use for it ! Haha, that sounds like a great extra touch !

    7. HolliAnderson June 2, 2023

      This is SO FUNNY. Im definitely going to use it!

    8. lazypanda13 June 2, 2023

      My 1st graders and special needs students loved this activity! I also like how the points are structured and revealed at the same time, it keeps the momentum going well. Thanks for putting this together!

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