Code Breakers with Conan

In the media crossover event you never saw coming, this activity combines Detective Conan with the UK show Countdown.

This is a game I usually use for the last 20 minutes of a lesson to cover grammar points. It gets the students excited and is a great recap activity that isn't too heavy.

The rules are on the third slide, but they are simple. I break students into groups of 4-6 and give each group a whiteboard. Students try and make words out of the random letters. They must try and think of the longest word, and they must use it in a sentence. If they don’t use it in a sentence, they get 0 points all together. For a time filler game the sentences can be anything. For covering a grammar point the sentence must be relevant to the lesson. You can edit the 8th slide to make it relevant to you.

I give my students 2 minutes a round (if they are struggling I give a bonus minute to write the sentences).
I have made sure that each level has at least 3 known words in them that are covered in each grade. Students, however, have surprised me with some words they’ve found!

The ‘levels’ are rather loose. Green will have words covered in the Here We Come 1st grade textbook, orange will have words covered in the 2nd grade textbook, and the red will have words covered in the 3rd grade textbooks. Words like 'camping' 'soccer' etc. real simple stuff.
There isn’t much of a leap from 1-13, the students just think there is, and it makes them feel better about completing a ‘hard’ level.
Saying that, the black 3 levels are random letters that I even I don’t know if there are words! I haven’t used these levels yet in a class, but will if I'm feeling mean!

P.s the home button in the game takes you back to the levels screen.

If you don’t have a tv screen in the classroom, you can always note down the letter combos (or come up with your own) and write them on the blackboard. The slides are just for dramatic flair!

I can always write up and attach the words the codes are based on if people like!

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    Submitted by megannagem July 7, 2023 Estimated time: 15 - 30 minutes.

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