Fantasy English Game for JHS

The Fantasy English Game is a game that essentially brings English and Dungeon crawling together. The kids are paired up into groups of 3 & 4 and and compete to win the game.

Hello All!

So I was asked by my JTE to come up with an activity to cover the whole lesson, which would go over a lot of what they had learnt before the summer break. Since I've been on a little DnD binge lately, I thought of combining the two together. English + Dungeon crawling + Character cameos.

The rules are all in the PowerPoint. But base rules are:

Students are placed into groups of 3/4. They are each supplied with a character sheet and a team map. The 4 characters are different and each have 3 stats. HP, MP and STA. After the groups have chosen their characters, they will then play a quick game of janken. The winner is the team leader.

On the map there are points labelled a-h. These are battle points. At each battle point the students will have a face a situation and will have a question asked. "What do you do?" They then choose an option A, B or C. Each option uses simple English that has words they've been introduced to before and new simple English to finish the sentences. After 40 seconds have passed, the team leaders will stand up and read out their answer.(Rather than "C", it would be what option C was. For example: Beat them with fire magic.)

The winner is decided by who has the most points at the end of the game collectively in each team, OR the last team alive.

Both my JTE's seemed to really enjoy this and the kids even more so. I found that my 2nd year JHS had no problem with completing it (including the point counting at the end), within the 50 minute class time limit. However, my 1st years only got around halfway through.

All slides have Japanese included under the English to help them out (and the JTE), albeit it is Google translate, so I don't think its by any means perfect.

If the language doesn't fit your requirements, I'm more than happy for you to change it and hope it all works out for you as a fun activity/class!

Have fun guys, hope you like the idea, and have a great summer!.

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    Submitted by Anglion95 July 14, 2023 Estimated time: 50 Minutes
    1. OtakuSensei_92 July 18, 2023

      I have one small question. When a battle occurs, do all the characters lose HP, MP, or STA. Or is it just the character of the team captain for that round of combat??

    2. Gaijingaiden July 18, 2023

      I love D&D, but if there is a Japanese translation for everything, are students really going to pay any attention to the English?

    3. Anglion95 July 18, 2023

      @OtakuSensei_92 When I did it, I made it hit everyone with point loss. But please feel free to change it up how you wish, if you feel its better that way! :)

    4. Anglion95 July 18, 2023

      @Gaijingaiden I found that it helped them understand, which was a relief as its purpose as my a safety net incase they couldn't grasp certain words. But again, if you feel it's better without them at every turn, please make changes to it and improve it :)

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