Describing Feelings!

Students describe how they feel about certain topics!

These worksheets will more than likely need to be edited (as you see fit)

In the meantime, here was my lesson structure:

1.) Divide students into groups of 4-5 people and play Karuta to identify different feelings/emotions. I usually say a hint first, and then the word second. For example, "When I eat ice cream, I feel... happy." "When I study Japanese for a long long long long long time, I feel... tired."

2.) After Karuta, hand out the vocab sheet and the main worksheet. Have students match the vocab words underneath the appropriate pictures.

3.) Use different sources of media to evoke certain emotions. Although I don't have this on my worksheet (because of copyright reasons), I played 5 different songs and showed 5 different film clips to my students. Then, they wrote about how the song/film clip made them feel.

4.) Have time for a game afterwards. One game that my JTE suggested was to divide the class into two teams. This game will require a chalk/whiteboard and a timer. Each team selects an "artist" to go forward, and the JTE/ALT will give 2 words (one "emotion" word and one noun) in-secret. Some examples could be: "angry gorilla", "confident sushi", "sad piano", "scary phone", etc. Each artist then has 15 seconds to draw their word, and their respective teams have to guess the 2 words. If a team guesses the words correctly (and before the other team), they get 2 points. If the other team guesses the words correctly before time is up, they get 1 point. Otherwise, the team gets 0 points.

Side Note: Some of the translations for each emotion/feeling may not be 100% accurate (because of linguistic nuances and/or if a word even exists in the English or Japanese language), but my JTEs and I have tried to narrow down the translations as close as possible. Additionally, the conjugation of these words fits under this sentence structure: "When I _____, I feel _____." If there are any needed changes, feel free to leave a comment! :)

Submitted by achou July 31, 2023 Estimated time: 50 minutes (a full class period)

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