Let's Try Book 2, Units 1-3 Review Blookit Game

This is a Blookit game set reviewing Let's Try Book 2, Units 1-3

This set covers the following grammar and associated vocab from book 2 of Let's Try. Covers units 1-4. Hello/ goodbye, good morning-night, I like_, How's the weather? It's _, Let's _, What day is it?, It's _, Do you like _? What time is it?, It's _, colors, animals, foods, sports, days, action verbs

Blookit is a lot like Kahoot but with different games you can choose from, you can also assign the games as homework.

Heads up that there is quite a bit of English reading in this game, which I've pushed hard with my 4th graders but it may be difficult if your kids are still using furigana. The kanji I included should have already been covered in the national curriculum according to Mext's website (

Have fun!

Submitted by crspence17 August 22, 2023 Estimated time: 15-45 minutes (you can end the game whenever you please)

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