Make a Monster Plural - Halloween Theme

Yet another Make a Monster activity to practice plural nouns. But with easy to understand PowerPoint instructions!

I know there are a plethora of Make a Monster activities here, but I made a PowerPoint with body parts vocab practice (singular and plural) and easy to follow visual instructions for the students. Plus it's Halloween themed!

I'm using a very slightly edited version of Ben's version of the 'Making Monsters' worksheet.

Lesson Flow

Introduce the activity by reminding them (as dramatically as you like) that Halloween is near! So let's make some monsters!

Practice the body part vocab, emphasizing the plural 's'

Go through the activity instructions. (I like to go through all of the instructions before letting the kids make groups.)

Break your students into groups of 3-5 and have them decide who will go first.
The first student will roll the dice. Whatever number they get is how many heads the monster will have. After noting the number and circling the appropriate word (singular or plural) at the bottom of the worksheet Student 1 will draw the number of heads he/she rolled.

The second student will draw the monster's body.
Student 2 doesn't need to roll for this part

Then Student 3 will roll the die and draw the next body part.
The group should continue taking turns until their monster is completed!

Let the students give their monsters names and present them to the class, if time allows!
This is MegaMon. He has 2 heads. He has 3 eyes...

Please enjoy my amazing drawing skills (or feel free to replace my wonderful monster with your own creation.)
Whether you find use for this activity or not, I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!!

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    Submitted by ohnoko October 4, 2023 Estimated time: 20-30 minutes
    Inspired by Making Monsters
    1. xxieyu October 31, 2023

      This was a great activity, thank you so much! I used it for the last 15-20 minutes of my Halloween lesson and my first year JHS kids loved it! Most of the groups somehow managed to roll 5 or 6 heads and they did some hilarious drawings (six packs and big biceps were really popular lol). At the end my JTE asked them to show their drawings in front of the class and the other kids could vote for the best one.

    2. ohnoko November 2, 2023

      I'm SO happy your kids enjoyed it! I love the voting apect y'all included, I think it would make for a good incentive to be more imaginative in their drawings if they know they'll be voting.

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