Exploding Kittens ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ™€ (Ver. 2)

I made a lot of changes to add some "extra flavour". The original PPT is made by Tay (Tay's Teaching Toolkit). I included some BG music, a 30 sec timer, made new rare cards, and other neat stuff.

Download here (over 40mb):

- Fixed and changed some transitions around to make it flow better.
- Some people were experiencing issues with a particular font due to a licensing issue. I have now changed the font to 'Minecraft Ten'. You can download the font below.

Things I changed:
- Simplified the English instructions and made it easier to understand the rules with pictures
- Changed the alphabet to numbers in Qs slide and reduced the number of Qs from 26 to 22.
- Instead of revealing one rare card, they now have three rare cards to choose from instead
- Changed some of the animations around especially in the instruction slides

Things I added/made:
- Made a social distance/keep mask on slide (this is currently hidden)
- Added SFX for when you finish a question, a cat meows
- Added some exploding kitten GIFs in some slides
- Made a set up screen slide
- Added BGM music to ALL slides
- Added nyan cat flying in the background in the rare cards slide
- Made three additional rare cards: steal, bonus points, minus points, change
- Added a 30 second timer so that the students don't spend too much time deciding
- Added โ€œDraw 1โ€, โ€œStopโ€ โ€œ#___, pleaseโ€ text in the โ€œdraw a cardโ€ slide to encourage students to use more English

NOTE: The original template can be found here:
Make sure to support Tay by buying her coffee. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Small files
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  • [FONT] NHHandwriting-Medium.otf (23.2 KB)
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  • [FONT] NHHandwritingRLTW-Light.otf (84.7 KB)
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  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Review Game Questions - Explained v1.docx (1.22 MB)
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  • Exploding Kittens - The Review Game v4.pptx (61.6 MB)
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    Submitted by unoplusunoistu October 25, 2023 Estimated time: 30-50 mins
    1. diolongom October 26, 2023

      Big fan of the activity and very thrilled to see a V2. Wish I could see the changes you've made.

    2. unoplusunoistu October 26, 2023

      @diolongom Same here! It's definitely one of my favourite RGs to play. :D
      I'm sorry but what changes can't you see?
      Is the text or something not displaying correctly?

    3. kusobaba October 30, 2023

      This is a real improvement and your detailed explanation is great. Thanks for the links to the 'scramble sites', they are going to be very useful in the future. Cheers!

    4. Domdijock October 30, 2023

      Is it possible for you to upload a google drive link of the PowerPoint? Since the file is too big, non-subscribers (which are most of us I feel), can't download or view your PowerPoint. My kids loveeee Exploding Kittens, so I would really love to use this new template if you can share a link! Thanks so much! :D

    5. unoplusunoistu October 30, 2023

      @Domdijock Hi, actually I already have! It's the very first link at the top of the page. :)

    6. Domdijock October 30, 2023

      Omg I didn't even notice that lol. Sorry! Guess I should've drunk more coffee this morning!

    7. lsuna October 30, 2023

      This is amazing! What are the fonts you're using? I can't edit the ppt without adding them

    8. kusobaba October 31, 2023

      Yes me too - can't edit because of read only embedded font Pokemon GB.

    9. unoplusunoistu October 31, 2023

      @Isuna @kusobaba That's odd. Are you using Google Slides? I double checked and all the fonts should be embedded for editing.

      I have uploaded all the fonts to this post now. Hopefully it works now.

    10. unoplusunoistu October 31, 2023

      Also another thing is that the fonts Tay used should be on her site.
      You can find them here:

    11. kusobaba November 1, 2023

      At a different school today so different laptop but got the same message - 'This presentation cannot be edited because it contains read-only embedded fonts' - and the font in question is Pokemon GB. There are two options - open in read-only mode or remove restricted fonts and open. The second option seems to work fine and there doesn't seem to be a problem with the powerpoint. This only happened after your edit - the very first file you uploaded was editable. I don't know anything about powerpoint and fonts so this is just FYI in case it is useful to you. Cheers.

    12. kusobaba November 1, 2023

      Sorry I forgot to say that no, I'm not using Google Slides.

    13. apantalena November 1, 2023

      I second that issue. When trying to edit I also get the 'pokemon GB' message.

    14. unoplusunoistu November 1, 2023

      @kusobaba @apantalena Okay! I have now replaced the 'pokemon GB' with another font that is not restricted. I changed it to 'Minecraft Ten". You can download it in attachments. It should be okay now!! Please lmk if you have any issues.

    15. kusobaba November 1, 2023

      It is OK! Thank you.

    16. kusobaba November 2, 2023

      There is another issue actually. Every time I save the presentation there's a message that some fonts cannot be saved "[FONT] NHHandwriting-Medium". The reason given is "General Disorder". Does this matter? I installed all the fonts you uploaded twice over but it still persists.

    17. unoplusunoistu November 6, 2023

      @kusobaba Hmmm I'm sorry, I'm not an IT expert. But have you tried installing the fonts as an Admin? If you right click on the font and click "Install for all Users" or "Run as Admin" that should work. I tried looking up online for the error "General Disorder" but can't seem to find anything. I tried replicating what you did on another computer and I don't get the same issue. I recommend asking in the Microsoft Forums here: I'm sorry I can't be much of a help.

    18. kusobaba November 6, 2023

      No problem. Tried that but it's the same. Anyway it doesn't seem to matter so I'm just ignoring it. General Disorder sounds more like a joke than a real error anyway. Cheers.

    19. lsuna February 28, 2024

      My kids absolutely loved this today. Thanks for uploading

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