Three letter words lottery

The same as the alphabet lottery game I posted, but this practiced three letter words. Students choose the first letter and then listen to the words called out to see if they've scored any points.

Similar idea to the three letter bingo game I made, but I was concerned the 6th graders were getting bored. So I made this.

The students choose the first letter for the three letter words. Even at 6th grade level, I like the students to practice writing letters. (For this, students can’t choose a, e, i, o, u as a first letter.) Then the teacher randomly selects a letter from the flashcards and says the three letter word. e.g. picks 'p' and says 'pan'. If the student has 'pan' they can circle it, and score the amount of points allotted.

This has an extra gamble factor compared to the alphabet lottery game, as there are two sounds. e.g. 'an and 'at'. if the student writes 'p' before 'at' making 'pat', but the teachers says 'pan', then the student can't score points. (Feel free to change this if you want to make it easier or more difficult.)

At the end, the students count their points.
I usually have students stand up and I count up in 10s. When I go over a student's score, they sit down. When I have around three students standing, I ask what their score is. It's a good way to practice numbers in the hundreds.

Feel free to make changes. I chose the sounds from New Horizon 6, but if your text book has different sounds, please edit to suit your needs.

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    Submitted by redshirt November 2, 2023 Estimated time: 5 minutes
    1. faithess November 8, 2023

      Could you upload it as a different file or share the document link?

    2. redshirt November 9, 2023

      I've uploaded it as a word file.

    3. lijam November 13, 2023

      This is nice. Thanks!

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