Shapes Spinner Game

Team Powerpoint Game for Let's Try 1 Unit 7 Shapes. Stolen (adapted) from Spin the Wheel (Countries) Point Game by keikeikei.

Students choose a shape and uncover either SPIN or DON'T SPIN the wheel.
They can then stop the wheel and get points for their team - two teams works well.
To make it more fun I taped a mouse to an old textbook so that it couldn't move (use painter's tape or similar removable tape).
Then placed this on a spare desk in front of the TV.
Put an 'X' on the left mouse button and demonstrate how to tap it lightly to stop the wheel.
After students make their choice you can start the wheel spinning (if they get SPIN) and they can come to the front desk and stop it.
There are 30 shapes to uncover so enough for a small class to all have a chance.

Thanks to the original uploader and also Purpledream for the shape images.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • LT1 U7-L2 shape please spinner game.pptx (1.94 MB)
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    Submitted by kusobaba November 13, 2023 Estimated time: 20 minutes+
    1. juliabiv November 14, 2023

      awesome thanks! I know my third grade will love this

    2. Cityfan November 15, 2023

      Looks great fun. When trying it on a tablet it seems to take two or three swipes to get to the next slide. Am I making a mistake somewhere?

    3. kusobaba November 15, 2023

      Sorry I can't say - never use a tablet, only school laptops. On a laptop there's just one extra click at most to move to the next slide.

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