Bring me! (Shapes and Colors)

  1. Make groups.
  2. Place all the cards on their desks.
  3. Students will listen carefully when I say "Bring me, yellow triangle." Students will run as fast as they can to give the card to me.
  4. If it is correct, I'll give them stickers.
  5. You can explain it to your JTE. ALT and JTE can say "Bring me, ____________." alternately.

During the class, I was standing in front of the class while my JTE was standing at the back. (Be sure to review all shapes and colors.)


Small files
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    Submitted by Purpledream November 9, 2023 Estimated time: 10 - 15 minutes
    1. kusobaba November 10, 2023

      I really like your cards! Thanks.

    2. Purpledream November 12, 2023

      @kusobaba Yay! :) It's so simple. Glad you like it!

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