A Simple Town Map & Directions Cheatsheet

A simple yet effective map to use during your New Horizon 5 Unit 5 activities. And a cheatsheet for giving directions.

This is just a map I made based on the area around my elementary school in real life! And the cheatsheet is a nice resource for students to have while practicing giving directions.

The map in the textbook on page 46-47 is alright, but also a bit complex. From last year, I've printed this map for each of my students to use during class, and displayed it on the TV as well. The students really benefitted from having a physical map because they were able to turn it around and draw on it all they liked, so they could understand exactly where they were and where they were going (almost) the whole time. I also provided each of them with this cheatsheet we filled out together.

The starting points can be anywhere on the edge of the map!

Please use these however you'd like~

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  • 5年Unit5DirectionsCheatSheet.pdf (146 KB)
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  • 5年Unit5Map.pdf (8.94 MB)
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    Submitted by melaniesensei November 17, 2023 Estimated time: N/A
    1. 2bfrank November 20, 2023

      This is super useful - LOVE the directions cheatsheet - genius!

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