2023 Review Quiz

10 minute or so warm up Kahoot

11 questions (might add more if I can think of any) of news and pop culture that happened in 2023 that the students may find interesting. Aimed at HS, 3rd grade JHS and 2nd grade JHS students (perhaps groups or pairs for the latter).

Submitted by YokohamaCPFC January 9, 2024 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes
  1. AVGKF January 9, 2024

    Just a word of advice, I have seen the Sushiro article many times and the boy's face is often blurred out. It was a pretty hot topic in my area and I think people get pretty emotional about the incident. I would double check with your JTE if they approve of this version.
    Of course I dont see anything wrong with using the picture or talking about it, but just to be on the safe side. You wouldn't wanna get yourself in hot water over a misunderstanding.

  2. YokohamaCPFC January 9, 2024

    Thank you, I’ve replaced that questions image with one that has the face blurred out.

  3. laurarswll3 January 10, 2024

    Thank you for this one-needed something to defrost these kids after their break!

  4. Rilakkuman January 25, 2024

    Very nice, thank you!

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