ACNH Review + Fun PPT

Use this PPT game as a Lesson Review or for a Trivia Fun activity with the students. Students will answer the question to receive cute villagers! Based on the Animal Crossing Nintendo Game.

This is one of the first PPT games I created in 2019 and is used today for 2024. My students love this game because it's simple and adorable. There are two files you can choose from depending on if you want four options for your students or the singular one answer.

Before Class:
1. Test out the game first to understand its functions.

(The Four Options File)
1. Add your question + Image
2. You can move the CORRECT box around, and it will remain correct. Replace the INCORRECT and CORRECT with your options.

(One Answer File)
1. Add your question + image
2. Insert your answer

Materials need:
1. PC
2. Projector + Screen
3. Speakers (Optional; there is music in the PPT)


It depends on how many students you have, but put them into groups and have them sit close together or put their desks together. I usually have five groups. On the blackboard/whiteboard, have your team captain of each group write a team name on the board (this will count as a scoreboard).

Once everything is ready, start the Presentation.

---Breakdown of the PPT--

1. Goal: Find K.K. Slider
2. One group at a time, they'll choose a number. Each number is a question, and only that group can answer.
3. If they are wrong, another group can answer by raising their hand. (For the one option file, I write down the answer before class on paper; if they are wrong, I make a "BZZ" noise and have other groups try to answer.)
4. The correct group will receive a villager (and the points vary)
5. The group with the most points at the end of the class wins!

PPT Slides:
1. Villagers (Points)
2. Redd (Select one present out of the 3 for a "random" prize)
3. Daisy (Point Wheel, spin the point wheel for points!)
4. Wisp (Switch points with another team)
5. Zipper T. Bunny (Only the group that answered the questions will lose their points)


I have hidden slides at the beginning for ALT and JTES to read (instructions). Feel free to edit any slides, music, characters, etc. I use this type of game for review lessons or trivia fun activities.

Large files (requires a subscriber account) -
  • ACNH One Answer.pptm (121 MB)
  • ACNH 4 options .pptm (122 MB)
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