Simple Word Searches

Word searches using vocab from the picture dictionary

Simple word searches that focus on using vocab from the Picture Dictionary.

I have the students repeat the words in the box and tell the students that they need to answer the question properly in order to be fully done.

I give the students 3 minutes to start, and they usually need more time, and an extra 3 minutes. After I let the students who found all the words go around and help their classmates.

Note: Some of the searches have some bonus words. My classes has a mix of fast and slow students. Once the faster students find all the words I tell them that there are words are hidden and not written in the box below. I slowly spell out the words on the board one letter at a time to slow the pace down and challenge them to see if they can find the word.

Colors: Rainbow and Gray
Jobs: Pilot and cook

Submitted by HiroInakaalt January 29, 2024 Estimated time: 5-10mins

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