What's This? 3Hint Quiz Food edition (ES 3年生)

A menu of possible food answers (most are previously taught in Let's Try Textbook ES 3年生 or common foods known by Japanese in their English name). Students give hints on Shape, Color, First Letter

Review English words for shapes, colors, letters through flashcards. (or other ways)

Optional: Do the Textbook activities related to Food (Guess the Food Silhouette, Hint Quiz)

5 minutes for Teacher to demonstrate/give 3 examples of a hint quiz, using the Food Menu.
15 minutes to make their own Hint Quiz
15 minutes to take turns in small groups in giving/answering Hint Quizzes (for large classes. small classes can immediately give hints for whole class)
5 minutes for volunteers to give the Hint Quiz in front of the whole class

Files include menu picture, and a hint quiz template.
1. Menu Picture:
- organized by shape (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, heart)
- Colors are easily seen
- with English word labels so students can copy/identify the First Letter of each word.
(We made the hints uniform in this way, based on past lessons for 3年生:colors, shapes and alphabet, since it would be hard for them to give other kinds of adjectives in English)

  1. Hint Quiz Template / Mind-Mapping Sheet This helps students organize their thoughts and make sure they have 3 hints to let their classmates correctly guess the answer.
  • In one of my classes, the JTE asked students to write down memos and then give the hints orally.
  • In my other class, after writing down memos, we made a nice Hint Quiz paper (fold the paper into 4, then draw each hint and the answer on each 1/4 section, and reveal the hints one by one) to help present the quiz more nicely, as they gave the hints orally. (Sorry, I didn't take a picture, a bit hard to explain, but we cut 1 of the fold lines , so that we can fold the hints and reveal it one by one. Imagine how they make and fold the nori sheet for a square shaped onigiri.) (It also helped those who haven't mastered English lessons still participate through the visuals and answer in the quiz.)

Sample Script:
Quiz-master: What's this?
Students: Hint, please!
Quiz-master: Hint 1: circle, Hint 2: white, Hint 3: S.
Students: Sushi!
Quiz-master: Yes, that's right! / No, sorry.

Small files
  • 3nen ES Review Flashcards.pdf (46.7 KB)
  • 3nensei_Unit8_What is This_3-Hint Quiz Worksheet.docx (15.5 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • 3Hint Quiz - Food.pdf (3.55 MB)
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