Mini Reviews

Short powerpoint review challenges to use as warm ups!

These mini reviews are fairly simple as the point of them is to simply refresh vocabulary anytime of the year! Feel free to use them as formatting bases or change anything to fit your grammar points. I made them in mind for 1st, 2nd,and special needs ES. Might add more over time!

2/8 - Added sports!

How's the weather?

Each slide has a gif of weather examples. Click to reveal the gif, then once the correct answer has been guessed click again to reveal the answer on screen.

It's cloudy
It's snowy
It's rainy
It's sunny
It's windy
It's stormy

What shape?

These slides are all Mario themed! Each slide will have an image covered by 9 blocks. Clicking anywhere removes them one by one in a predesignated order, with the target shape being last to be revealed. Once all the blocks are removed, clicking anywhere makes the answer appear as well as the shape (let the animation play out). If you have a white board, I encourage circling any other shapes that were spotted.

Square (Mario ? block)
Heart (Love heart from Peach kissing Mario)
Circle (Fireball from fire power Mario)
Rectangle (The body of a thwomp)
Oval (Large Yoshi egg)
Triangle (End game flag)
Star (A power-up item)
Diamond (Jewel on King Boo's crown)

How are you?

This covers a few feelings featuring pikachu, whose name conveniently rhymes. Each slide will have a pikachu expressing a different emotion. The dialogue is "How are you?" with a definitive answer. While each slide has one answer, accept a list of multiple emotions pikachu could be conveying. The last slide has many pikachu emojis that you could also use to challenge students to name as many feelings as they can!

I'm happy
I'm hungry
I'm sad
I'm tired
I'm wonderful
I'm sleepy

What color?

This covers rainbow colors featuring fun gifs of popular characters. Each slide has a black and white gif of a character. Once the character's main color has been guessed, clicking anywhere makes the color return to the gif and the answer appear.

Yellow (pikachu)
Blue (Doraemon)
Pink (Kirby)
Red(Shin Chan's shirt)
Green (Yoshi)
Purple (Baikinman)
Orange (Garfield, this may be a challenge, so encourage students to use process of elimination!)

What sport?

This is a zoom in style quiz! There are three zoomed in slides per sport that zooms out a bit per slide. If they cannot figure it out, the fourth slide has the fully zoomed out image before clicking to reveal the typed out answer. Also, when you open this powerpoint the first slide looks chaotic in the edit view, but that is simply because of the animations. Once in presentation mode, you can click to play out sport animations at your own pace. These sports are featured in Let's Try 1 for 3rd grade ES.

Table Tennis

How Many?

This is a re-skin of Badartist's pptx
This theme is Kirby and only goes over 1-10. It's only a few slides as my target audience is 1st grade. I may re-skin Badartist's entire powerpoint for next year as to have a version for 2nd grade.

Thanks in advance for any feedback, please let me know if any issues arise!

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      Absolutey wonderfully made, thank you!

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