Tsum Tsum Past Tense Board Game

Very simple board game to practice regular past tense (add -ed) verbs only.

I saw wanifan's Animal Crossing sugoroku and loved it, but wanted a version for just regular past tense verbs because New Horizon splits them up. A couple of my first years wrote about the Tsum Tsum game lately, so I went for that as the theme.

It's very straight forward. Student rolls a dice and moves their eraser, they say the sentence written in the space they land on but substituting the Japanese verb for the correct English one. Example. She (見た) TV. => She watched TV.
There's a few New Horizon references, so feel free to change them, or edit sentences to practice verbs that are covered in your textbook. (I tried my best to avoid the verbs that are hard to translate directly.)

There is also an optional worksheet that can be used beforehand to give them a hand in remembering the verbs if you think they'll struggle, or after as writing practice. Or both haha. (Fill in the present tense beforehand, then fill in the past tense after).

- Print out enough copies of the board for 1 per group. (3-4 students per group)
- Dice! (1 per group)
- Have the students use their erasers as their marker.

Submitted by final_indecison February 6, 2024 Estimated time: 15 minutes

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