Challenge and Judge Stamp Rally

Students ask each other to listen and judge and sign a sheet of paper that has 31 English "challenges".

Demonstrate how to do this. You and a partner meet, greet and one of you says something like," I want to challenge number 16.". The partner listens as you say (in the correct way to say) what is directed for challenge no. 16. If your partner thinks you have done a good job of it, they sign the box with the 16 on it. The way they sign it could be with initials, a logo whatever they like. Then that partner will take his or her turn. They choose a challenge that they feel they can do,foe example number 26 , say it and get the partner to sign their sheet at the number 26 box.
After the demonstration students should understand what to do. You could get a pair of students to demonstrate as well.
Let all the students make pairs and start the activity. After a pair have finished the challenge and judging part,both students go and meet other students and choose another challenge to do. It should take about 15 to 20 minutes to do. They may not fully finish doing all the challenges but you could get them to do it another time or do it at home with family.
There are no icons or drawings on these sheets. If you want you can doodle in somethings to liven up the prints. I often sketch empty flags, weather symbols or animals

Submitted by Furachan March 11, 2024 Estimated time: Over 15 minutes....

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