Flash Card Telepathy Game

I usually use this to practice school subjects and week days

Submitted by UonumaRobert

December 11, 2019

Estimated time: 15 minutes

I use this for elementary school and 1st year junior high school.

It is a very basic game that works well with a lively class.

I use it with the sentence 'I study...' or 'I study...on...'

I like this activity for that because they are fairly impersonal statements without opinion or preference. If they are doing 'I like...' then I prefer other activities such as sign games where the students share their feelings and thoughts.

Anyway this is how it goes.

  1. Introduce the vocabulary, I start with just the subjects and the sentence 'I study...'

  2. Tell the students we are going to do a telepathy challenge. They must read my mind. Then do a demonstration with the JTE or HRT.

  3. Pick two flash cards and tell everyone that the HRT or JTE is thinking about one of them. I will use telepathy to guess which one. Then I do my telepathy gestures and sounds facing the HRT or JTE. This involves wiggling my fingers around my forehead and making 'wa wa wa' sounds. Its great for a laugh.

  4. Then at the same time as the teacher I say 'I study...'. If we say the same thing we hi-five and go 'yeah!'. If not 'Nice try'.

  5. Now play with the students. Have them make the telepathy gestures and sounds towards you and then at the same time 'Say no...I study...'. If they get it then lots of cheers. You should make the sounds and gestures too.

  6. Alternate with the JTE or HRT. And play maybe four rounds total. Changing the flash cards each time.

  7. Next its the students turn. They play in pairs in much the same way the original demonstration was done. If they say the same thing they hi-five. Do this a couple of times if its going well. You can switch pairs between rounds as well.

  8. You can level up by adding weekdays, for example 'I study math on Tuesday' but even if you level up only have two varying flashcards so its always a 50/50 chance of getting it right. For example 'I study math/science on Tuesday' or 'I study math on Tuesday/Wednesday'. Its more fun and exciting when they get to hi-five a lot.

This activity can be a blast with lively kids who really get into making the telepathy gestures and sounds.

I guess it can be adapted to other vocabulary or language points but I never have.

I've included flash cards I use my you can obviously make your own.

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