Activities posted by OdafromTaijima

  • World News - Air Guitar Champion

    English board - Nanami “Seven Seas” Nagura won!

  • Are you ~? Do you ~? Bingo Interview

    NC1 L1 three activities 1st Are you ~? 2nd Do you ~? 3rd Mix of the two

  • Micro Presentation - Skateboarding

    World Round-Up Freestyle skate boarding competition

  • May I ___? - Evolution Janken Game

    New Crown 2 Page 19 Word Bank

  • Can you ___? Yes or No Bingo Interview

    Crown JR 5 - L2

  • Let's Try 1&2 U1 - Guess which country has _______

    Show pictures of around the world and kids guess where it was

  • I We Activity

    Crown Jr. 6 Lesson 1 Give a card the students, they need to find others who are the same

  • Kahoot ABCs and Days of the Week

    Designed to be played in game mode(treasure trove)

  • Valentine's Day Vocab Karuta Cards

    Vocabulary cards centered around the holiday and love

  • English Board Word Search - Year of the Rabbit

    Word Search - New Year - Year of the Rabbit Answer

  • Terry Fox English Board

    An English Board about the Canadian Terry Fox

  • Simple Phonics Bingo and Kahoot

    Made to practice short vowels and consonants. Designed as a review for grades 5 and 6 ES.

  • JHS Kahoot - New Year Trivia 2023

    New Year Trivia questions with information slides.

  • Order and making a pizza

    What ~ would you like on your pizza?

  • ABC Monster

    Creative activity using capital and lowercase to design a monster

  • Question BINGO! What time do you ~?

    Crown JR 5 - L4P2 -What time do you BINGO

  • New Crown 1 Project 1 Warm Up Game

    Row game practicing can and can't

  • New Crown 3 Project 1 Ice Cream

    Quiz with fun ice cream facts and a Canadian example

  • What time is it? Karuta

    Vocab cards for let's try 2 - Unit 4

  • I want to be a ~ Janken Game

    Practice job vocabulary and play Janken