Grammar in use(Present continous + Present simple)

This activity entails practical use of the former grammar points in conversation. It was a way for the 2nd graders to review what they learnt in 1st grade.

To get the kids ready I 1st say to them that what we’ll cover in this lesson will be something from the 1st grade English (last year’s English lessons). I tell them it’s a review of the former. I find that this helps to put their mind at ease.

Part I: I begin with the power point as a warm up. There is an image of a person doing some kind of action, with a speech bubble that says what their job title is. Let the students process this information first. Then proceed to the first question in the slide. Some students will answer using the correct response and of course some may not. I’ve linked the correct response to help refresh the students’ memories. You can utilize this after the students respond or while they respond.
There are 3 questions in total. The first two are closed questions and the last is an open question.

Part II: The second activity will be the ‘Characters now and everyday’ doc. This is a write and race activity. Split the students into groups of 4/5. Print enough copies of the document for each student. Draw a race track (Grid) on the board. Before class, I laminated characters from super Mario, placed magnetic sheet on the back of each. Then I used them to represent each group.

After writing 2 sentences (one for now and one for everyday) using the correct tense (present progressive or the present simple). One representative from each group should have you or the JTE confirm the sentences accuracy. Once this is done they can move one block over inside the grid. Do this until they have completed the grid at the finish line.

DISCLAIMER : The worksheet was made by another teacher on the site

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Present continous+ Present simple (I do ) combo.pptx (1.16 MB)
  • Characters Now and Everyday.docx (1.34 MB)
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    Submitted by bealesarkozy May 8, 2021 Estimated time: 50 minutes
    1. bealesarkozy May 8, 2021

      I tried to link the original page for the worksheet but could not find it so I went ahead and added it here.

      I am not the creator of this worksheet, just the power point.

    2. UonumaRobert May 9, 2021

      I like the PowerPoint. I think contrasting present continuous and simple present with plural verbs is really useful. The worksheet is one of mine but I’ve no idea where I posted it. I don’t think you need to link it.

    3. bealesarkozy May 10, 2021


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