Bank Robber!

Fun points based activity

Bank Robber! My current favourite activity!

Oh no! The bank in Tokyo has been robbed. But don`t worry, we will catch him with our trusty cannon!

The robber crashes his getaway car into the combini and runs to hide in a nearby building. Roll out the cannon and shoot the windows to find the robber!

Hit = 5 points
Close = 3 points
Not so close = 1 point
Way off = 0 points

-I have used this as a group activity for 3-4 students. Works best with a touchscreen TV so the students can tap the windows themselves, but could be used with a projector and the ALT/JTE clicks the window chosen by the student.
-First building is to demo, I fire the cannon at lots of windows so the kids get the idea about how the points work.
-I have used it as a translation activity (show a Japanese sentence and the students run to the JTE or ALT to say it in English or using answer sheets all students write the answer in English and one comes to the ALT or JTE to check) were when they get the answer they can choose a window and write their points on the board. But, you can use it in different ways too.
-When the robber is hit, that round is over (some students will hang back when their answer was checked to get a better chance at hitting him. I am strict with the order that they are checked and shoot the cannon. First checked = first to shoot!). Set a timer, so that if they aren't quick enough, they don't get chance to try.
-Even if you don`t get through all the questions, try to cycle through to show that the robber gets caught after the last question (and show the beautiful scenery of an average day in Tokyo).

** If you are using a touchscreen TV, be careful to demonstrate that the students should carefully tap once. Some students get carried away easily!**

I really hope you get some fun out of this one! I worked hard on it! (A school closed because of corona and I didn`t have classes!)

Junior high school - Second grade - New Horizons Unit 2
Junior high school - Third grade - New Horizons Unit 2

Small files
  • 15 Question Answer sheet.xlsx (12.4 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • 03-02 Present Perfect Practice Robber.pptx (5.1 MB)
  • 02-02-01-28 Robber Questions When If Think (that) Because Practice.pptx (4.98 MB)
  • 01-03-02-32 Robber I WANT TO.pptx (5.1 MB)
  • 02-02-01-28 Robber Questions When If Think (that) Because Practice.pptx (4.98 MB)
  • 02-02-02-28 Robber Questions BECAUSE.pptx (4.98 MB)
  • 03 Full Year Review Robber.pptx (4.96 MB)
  • 02-02-01-22 WHEN Robber.pptx (5.23 MB)
  • Robber No Questions.pptx (5.22 MB)
  • Robber with Questions.pptx (5.23 MB)
  • 02-07-01-106 Passive Robber.pptx (5.23 MB)
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    Submitted by jiggswalsh July 6, 2021 Estimated time: 30 minutes
    Inspired Venus Fly Trap
    1. UonumaRobert July 6, 2021

      This is great. The moving trains are a nice touch. Two suggestions. One When I want to end the game on the final question I hide hyperlinks on each slide so if I need to jump to the end I can tap the hyperlink to go directly to that ending slide. You could add a couple so depending on the time you could jump to the second last or third last question as well.

    2. UonumaRobert July 6, 2021

      Also once the thief gets caught it might be good to have a banner appear blocking the windows that says 'You got him'. That way its clearer that the round is over and students won't be able to keep pressing the windows.

    3. jiggswalsh July 6, 2021

      Good suggestions. I like to flick through so that they can see all the screens, especially if they didn`t get to the Kaiju battle yet. I will add the banner if I get chance, I usually dive in front of the TV when he is hit! Hahaha... thank you!

    4. UonumaRobert July 8, 2021

      I was just looking at this again. The attention to detail is fantastic. The way the background of each slide connects to the previous one is really cool.

    5. Jake W July 8, 2021

      I'm continually amazed by how much stuff is in Irasutoya, and how creative everyone is at finding ways to incorporate it into games!

    6. Cenaskya August 31, 2022

      My high schoolers had a lot of fun with this game! I used it as a review game and they got so excited whenever someone chose the robber's window. The Godzilla battle is super cool! Very impressed with your work, great job!

    7. hotokeki September 5, 2022

      Does each member in the team get a chance at choosing a window or is it one team gets one chance? Or do they keep choosing windows until the next team comes with an answer?

    8. jiggswalsh September 16, 2022

      When I use it, each team gets one shot. But whatever works for you.

    9. hotokeki October 31, 2022

      Thank you for the response! This is such a fantastically detailed and well-functioned game that the kids get a major kick out of! I comend you for the effort you placed into this!

    10. jiggswalsh November 17, 2022

      Thanks! I love making this stuff, but don't seem to get the time anymore....

    11. tomomnom January 11, 2023

      Wow! This game looks fantastic. I'd love to try it out but I'm wondering: what's the incentive for students to answer the questions quickly as the game rewards the slower players rather than the faster ones? Do you find that students deliberately take their time answering? I was trying to figure out how this could be avoided- perhaps rewarding the faster teams with points (first team gets 5 points, second team gets 4, etc) and have the search for the robber be a bonus round?

    12. jiggswalsh January 31, 2023

      Sorry for the late reply. There isn't really an incentive to answer quickly to be honest. I have a timer with a strict cut off (1m - 1m30s depending on difficulty). When the buzzer sounds, no more attempts. Also I stay close to the computer to corral the first teams to take a shot in the order that answered fastest. Usually the students were so keen to try it that they didn't think about waiting, but some do try to wait and I make sure to push them to take their turn and make other teams wait.

    13. jiggswalsh January 31, 2023

      I like that it can benefit the slower teams a little. Also, on the odd occasion the first or second team to come forward will hit the robber. That really helps motivation to be quick.

    14. hotokeki March 23, 2023

      @tomomnom For my kids, sometimes they were so lucky to not only be the first ones up but also to get the robber in one try. In the end, it's a luck-based game. When you continue, the kids come to realize that order doesn't matter so much but it'd be nice to be the one who gets it on their first try before the others.

    15. FunnyVal4D May 19, 2023

      I think this is probably he first time I have commented on this site, but I just couldn't ignore all the work you put into this activity. So to you I say, superb job, and thank you for letting me borrow this. I know my kids will have a blast playing this.

    16. jiggswalsh May 22, 2023

      I literally punched the air! Thanks for the wonderful comment! Have a great day!

    17. fennecfox May 22, 2023

      This is brilliant, thank you! I had the students work in groups to come up with answers. In each round, they had 1.5 mins to come up with an answer and then all groups revealed their whiteboards at the same time. This prevents cheating. The groups with correct answers had first dibs to catch the robber. We used a random number generator to decide turn order. This worked well for us!

    18. jiggswalsh May 22, 2023

      Love it! Especially the random order...

    19. wongmm June 15, 2023

      This game is awesomeeeee. My students loved it. Thank you for sharing.

    20. AariCynward October 25, 2023

      I just played this with one of my classes and they really liked it! But on the template PowerPoint Question 10 (slide #12), the button you press to get the robber to appear (the 5pt one) doesn't work (I just tested one of the non-template ones, and that one works fine). Lol I'm not savvy enough to fix it, so if you happen to notice this and can, that'd be great! I'll just take the working page form one of the non-templates for now!

    21. jiggswalsh October 26, 2023

      Good spot! Thanks! I re-uploaded the one with questions and with no questions. They should work now. I will double check the other ones too.

    22. jiggswalsh October 26, 2023

      The Passive and "IT IS ~ FOR ~ TO ~" ones were also broken. Fixed and updated! Thanks again! I really need to come back to these and polish them up a bit.

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