Anpanman Wipe Out

A flexible group Race and Speak Game

This is another Wipe Out Game based on jiggswalsh's original post Super Mario World Bullet Bill's revenge. I'll post a link to his original version.

I've gotten a lot of mileage out of these activities the last couple of weeks however with the versions I was originally using I had some issues with the controls. Since in those versions the character had to be tapped multiple times to move down from top to bottom it created problems with students tapping the wrong bits or tapping too much and causing the screen to zoom or even causing the slide show to close.

This is an attempt at addressing that and although I think its less pleasing to the eye it worked pretty well even in a hyper class.

The flow of the activity is pretty much the same as the others. Tap on the small number to get the music to stop and see the key words or questions. Each team has a chance to answer then move their character where they want (top, middle or bottom). After each team has brought their answer (or a time limit is reached) you click the small number button again to see the answer, do an answer check and then click it again to make the answer vanish. Next tell the students Baikinman is coming, click the ready button and Baikinman appears then click Baikinman to make the robot head slide across the screen wiping out the teams in that line. The remaining teams get points. Click on Baikinman again to move to the next screen.

The difference between the older versions and this is rather than click the character again and again to move just click the shadow of the character in the row they want. This will make all the shadows vanish and move the character directly there. If you have fewer than nine teams then you can click their picture in the white boxes to make them vanish to make the rows look neater. If a student really wants to change their row then click the picture in the white box once then the white box itself and that will reset the row.

The template has notes on how to edit and make your own versions.

Regarding worksheets. Even if I include a worksheet for this type of activity I tell the students to come and speak the answer first. Only write their answers after they've answered and if they have waiting time. I don't make it manditory.

The character cards I cut out and one set I put magnets on the back. After the students make groups I spread the set without magnets on the front desk and one member from each group comes up and picks their character. After they are picked I call out the characters and put a magnet card beside each team. This just makes it easier for the teachers to know which team to score.

I'll post the versions I use here as well. You can use them as a reference or use them as they are.

Present Progressive Version

I lifted all the questions and pictures from another one of my activities. If you've already done it you might want to change the pictures. This is fairly easy to edit. Also for this version click on the character to get them to move. Also includes a rock scissors paper game. In pairs students take turns doing rock scissors paper, the loser does the gesture and the winner guesses what they are doing. Then repeat. Set a timer for a minute. They can see how often they win. If they're into it maybe do it again with new pairs.

Small files
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    Submitted by UonumaRobert October 26, 2021 Estimated time: depends on how many questions. Maybe 25 to 30 minutes
    1. jiggswalsh October 26, 2021

      Good to see this idea has really blossomed!

    2. UonumaRobert October 26, 2021

      Thanks for sharing that original post. These games have been going really well. I really like being able to do the answer check before showing which teams get wiped out. That way the students are all really paying attention.

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