Activities to practice memories of school events

A few activities to review, introduce and practice the target language

Submitted by UonumaRobert

December 1, 2021

Estimated time: 30 minutes

This is intended for ONE WORLD SMILE SIX, lesson seven. The goal of the unit is to share the best memories of their school days. This is intended as review and target language introduction. It could be split up as warm ups or introductions for more than one lesson. Or you can try to squeeze it all into one.

Review the 4 past tense verbs they learned in lesson four.

This is followed by a simple quiz. They pick the verb that matches the picture. I'd just do this as a class. Have the student call out their guess and then practice it. This is just review so best to not spend a lot of time on it. Really this could be cut since the activities mainly just use 'enjoyed' however the other verbs come up late. (5 minutes)

Introduce the school events. There are two activities for practicing them. The first is the key word game. It is also called the 'eraser get' game. The ALT clicks a card to be the keyword (a star will appear) and the starts chanting 'My best memory is...' CLAP CLAP. Then the students repeat 'My best memory is....' CLAP CLAP. However if the ALT says the keyword rather than repeating the students try to grab their eraser. This can be done solo testing themselves against the HRT or in pairs or in groups. To change the key word click the star and then another card. Play a few times. Maybe switch up pairs as you play if you are doing it in pairs. (10-15 minutes)

This is 'What's Missing'. Use it to get the students to call out the words they just practiced. Tell them to close their eyes. Click are card to make it vanish and then have them open their eyes and call what the missing card is. Click on the black square to make the missing card reappear. Do this a few times. (5 minutes)

CARD COLLECTING. This requires some preparation that was hopefully done before the lesson. Each student should carry three cards (either from their sets or cards you cut out and prepared for this activity) and they make a pair. The take turns presenting one of their cards and speaking the lines 'My best memory is...I enjoyed...' and then doing rock scissors paper. The winner collects both cards. Kids circle around until they have no cards left then they sit down. Once a few kids are sitting stop the game. See how has the most cards, cheer them and then maybe play another round. (10-15 minutes)

PART FOUR...if there is time
SHARE MEMORIES. Pick a memory from elementary school and share it with their neighbour. If there is time they can mingle and share with a few neighbours. (5-10 minutes)

For the card game you either need to cut out enough cards for all students to have 3 each or have the students cut out the cards from their textbooks. Hopefully before this lesson.


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