Classroom Commands

A poster for your classroom to help your students remember what you are telling them to do!

Submitted by rebvandev

December 16, 2021

Estimated time: 10 minutes

Although the textbooks have some useful classroom imperatives in them (raise your hand, sit down, etc.), I have found that there are certain phrases I use daily that aren't in the textbooks. These include:

At the beginning
- Get your tablets.
- Erase the chalkboard.
- Let's begin. (Stand up so we can do the greeting!)

During class
- Close your tablet vs. turn off your tablet (so many of my students turn their tablets off even though we're going to use them again before class is over)
- Clear your desk.
- Take out your [textbook].
- Put your [textbook] away.
- Read aloud.
- Put your pencil down.

At the end
- Collect the worksheets. (I used a clipart image here that looks like me)
- That's all for today. (Stand up so we can finish!)


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