Let's Try! 2 ~U7 Review Questions

Reviewing at the end of Unit 7? Here are some questions you can ask the students during review.

Submitted by sbrshteacher

January 26, 2022

Estimated time: 20+ minutes

If you're like me and terrible at thinking on your feet, it's best to come prepared even for the simple stuff. Use these questions to review what you've learned through Unit 7 of Let's Try! 2 (fourth grade).

How are you today?
How is the weather today?
What day is it today?
What day is tomorrow?
Do you like~ ? (cats, dogs, sports, games, fruit, vegetables, Mondays, books, movies, rain, fish, snow, pizza, chocolate)
What time is it?
How old are you?
What _______ do you like? (sports, fruit, vegetable, color, animal, weather, candy)
Do you have a~ ? (bike, hat, umbrella, mask, baseball, dog, cat, PC, pencil, ruler, eraser)

I recommend dividing the class into teams and having the students from alternating teams answer questions. When they answer correctly, give them points or the chance to get points (a Typhoon-style game works well with this format*). You could also just have students roll dice for points.

*Search 'esl typhoon game' and you should be able to find explanations from various ESL teachers about how to organize and play it.


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