Sit Down Elimination Games

Students are asked a question and based on their answer they either stay standing or are eliminated and sit down. Great for short reviews at the start or end of class.

Submitted by RoselleDesigns

May 6, 2022

Estimated time: 10~15 minutes

I have included two activities I have already made, but I think the game could be adjusted to pretty much any grammar point that involves asking and answering questions.

Each row is a team, but the students answer themselves. The teacher asks a question and depending on the student's answers they either answer and stay standing or answer and sit down. Students that sit down join the teacher in asking the questions. At the end of the round, the team (row) with the most students still standing wins. Then have them all sit down and listen to the instructions for the next round, then they stand up and play again. I usually give them small stickers as prizes. There are Japanese instructions (possibly grammatically correct) with images included at the beginning of each round to speed up the explanation and make the rule changes less confusing.

There are specific instructions included on the second slide of each PPT. You can give the students some extra scaffolding by writing the start of the question and the possible answers on the black board.

Do you like Games? JH1
This is to use with JH 1st year students after they learn "Do you...?", "Yes, I do", and "No, I don't".

Have you ever been to Fukuoka?
This is to use with JH 3rd year students after they learn "Have you ever...?", "Yes, I have", "No, I haven't".
It can also be used to practice "I have..." and "I have never..." depending on how you have the students answer. It is set up to review past participle as well, but you can take that part out if needed.


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