Test Your Luck!

Fortune telling activity using present perfect questions.

This is a short, fun review activity that uses questions in Present Perfect Tense (there is one Present Perfect Continuous question as well that could be changed if you haven't covered that yet). It is an individual activity and so will work for classes that require social distancing.

There are probably different ways to use the activity but this is how I did it:
Hand out the worksheets and show an enlarged version of it (on the TV, poster sized paper, etc).
Read the first question out loud and check the meaning with the students. They can then choose the path (arrow) that matches their answer and go to the next level of the worksheet.
Read through the next two questions, check their meanings, and then have students choose the next path. Repeat until you get to the end.
Have students raise their hands to see what amount of luck they each ended up with.

There is one question specific to Nagasaki Prefecture that you can change to your own prefecture. You will have to change the image as well. I got all the images for the worksheet from the wonderful

My students always enjoy fortune telling/personality test activities so I hope your students enjoy it too!

Submitted by RoselleDesigns June 21, 2022 Estimated time: 15 minutes

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