Where do you have English today?

Students fill in the missig information by completing the conversation using where and when.

The English room has had a disaster and can't be used so now everyones schedules are changed. Let's find out what room each student has English on different days and where the rooms are.

My JTE used the worksheet before teaching the grammar for When do~?Where do~? Where is~? but the conversation was an easy way to introduce the students to the question structure. I would recommend it is a way to review.

Working in pairs, the first student asks When and there partner answers on a day their sheet as information written. They go on then asking questions to fill in their missing portion for that day's student. Monday is already given as an example.

the PDF only inludes the empty sheet. I just printed off two copies of this and had one as A and the other B. I then filled inby had Tuesday and Thursday on sheet A, and Wednesday and Friday on sheet B. I then made copies of these two sheets for half the students in class.

We needed to run through the example twice so they knew how to tell where the classrooms are but even the slower students were able to grasp what was going on.

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