Airplane Crash

A simple story-based activity that engages students' creativity. It focuses on the use of "because" as a conjunction.

I thoroughly appreciated the premise of the original activity "Hawaiian Plane Crash" but found it slightly outdated for my use. This activity is a slight modification of the original with an addition of a PowerPoint to better illustrate the story.


  • Initiate the PowerPoint presentation and narrate the story.

  • On the example slide (Slide 8), try to illicit the answers from the students.

  • Hand out the worksheet. This activity can be for individuals, pairs or teams.

  • Instruct students to first discuss WHAT items to take with them before writing WHY they should take them.


  • It is recommended that dictionaries be provided to the students.

  • Award any student who can come up with any good reason for taking the Bowling Ball with them.

Small files
  • Airplane Crash.docx (505 KB)
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  • Airplane Crash.pptx (5.27 MB)
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    Submitted by onaka September 2, 2022 Estimated time: 30 minutes
    Inspired by Hawaiian Plane Crash
    1. UonumaRobert September 2, 2022

      Cool. The intro story is really well made.

    2. onaka September 7, 2022

      Thank you, kind sir.

    3. sbeecee October 17, 2022

      This activity works great for all three high school grades. I've found that students sometimes finish quicker, so I play a game with them where they have to guess which items I'm bringing to the island. The catch is I give them 3 hints to describe the item and they work in groups of 4 to try to guess the item. Classes love the competition and there are always a few students who seem to know every item!

    4. onaka February 7, 2023

      What a wonderful idea!

    5. klstoujour May 17, 2024

      LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

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