Jungle Survivors - Because/Why Activity

My take on the tried and true airplane crash lesson format where students must choose items in order to survive and give a reason why.

Using the excellent Airplane Crash (based on "Hawaiian Plane Crash") by user onaka, I wanted to make an alternate version of the traditional airplane crash by telling a story of two hikers lost in the jungle, with some fun animations and sounds etc.

I taught this as an end of year activity for JHS 3年生, but It can be adapted to other years/special needs using whatever grammar you think is appropriate.

How to use:

Please run through the powerpoint to get a feel for what animations happen during each slide before using in class.

1) Start the powerpoint presentation (caution there is audio so check the volume of the TV or projector etc beforehand to avoid deafening everyone).

The general story is there are two hikers walking through the forest, but eventually they realize they are going in circles and are lost. They decide to keep walking and eventually stumble upon (you guessed it) a crashed plane. They decide to look around and see if there are any useful items on the ground.

2) After the example slide of picking up the baseball bat I stop at the 10th slide. Hand out the worksheet to the students and get them to form groups (I put them in groups of four, but choose whatever works for your class size).

3) At this point you explain the activity. In their groups, they must choose five items to take with them that are useful to survive a night in the Jungle and give a reason why it is useful.
I tend to write a target sentence structure on the board for them to follow such as:

We will take the ____________.

Because it is __________.

Because we can __________.

Encourage them to talk in English as much as possible, but most of the time they will devolve into Japanese anyway which is fine.

I also use this time to review the names of the items and check students vocabulary.

4) Set a timer for around 20 minutes, and let the students do their thing. Walk around and help as necessary. In our classes we allowed students to use their iPads as a last resort if they had no idea how to write what they wanted to say.

5) When time is up, ask each group to come to the front of the class to present their list and reasons to the rest of the class.
To make things fair, I also presented my choices as an example presentation before the students came up. You can click on the items in the powerpoint to make them disappear for extra effect.

6) After all the groups have presented their lists, continue the slideshow. The protagonists have survived! They find a path to civilization and end up on a nice beach (with a tbc special tiger ending that always gets a laugh).

This activity can be used with grammar such as "If I were them, I would take________ " and can be modified to whatever you want to focus on.

My students all really enjoy this activity and some of the answers they give are hilarious. I hope you can get some use out of it too!

Changed the handout to a word file as most people prefer it and gave the table thicker lines so it photocopies better.

Small files
  • Jungle Survivors Worksheet.docx (355 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • JUNGLE SURVIVORS.pptx (19.3 MB)
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    Submitted by onighost December 5, 2022 Estimated time: 35 - 40 minutes
    Inspired by Airplane Crash
    1. Bing Bong Boi December 6, 2022

      I love the animations! can't wait to use this in class

    2. Rilakkuman December 6, 2022

      Very nice PPT.

    3. yellowbird June 16, 2023

      can you tell or write at the top of the page what target grade this is for, i know it can be used for multiple but generally speaking im curious to know who its being taught to. thankyou so much !
      and this is a really great idea, i would love to use it sometime.

    4. onighost June 19, 2023

      @yellowbird. Updated with requested info! I taught it to my JHS 3年生 as an end of year activity (the teachers had run out of ideas!), but as you say it is adaptable to many levels and years with modification.

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