(ES) New Horizon 5 Unit 4 - He or She Can...

Review action words to complete the target sentences using the first part of the presentation and introduce "He/She can~" using the quiz towards the end of the ppt.

❗❗(original local characters, please adapt it to your areas' characters) ❗❗

Slide 1: Tell students that the first part of the lesson is a review. Allow them to open their Picture Dictionary to page 18 if needed.
Slide 2: Review and practice the vocabulary with the students. Click once to show the image of a boy trying to find the the good kobito characters (original local characters, please adapt it to your areas' characters) and click one more time to reveal the bad kobito. Explain that there are 5 good kobito pairs hidden behind the words and they must find them. You can decide at this point whether to play it in teams or individually.
Slide 3: Click the word ‘sing’ and reveal that it doesn’t have the good pair of kobito. Hype up the students and enthusiastically say, “Let’s find the treasures!” Proceed with the game however you decide the game to be played.
Slide 4: Supplementary Activity: Click the highlighted parts of the forest to reveal a vocabulary card to practice. Click the same highlighted part to reveal whether it's a good or bad kobito character. Click the vocabulary card to make it disappear. Please click through this slide to know the different animations and triggers.
Slide 5: This is the title page of the next activity. Click once to reveal the Japanese question.
Slides 6-10: Click once to reveal the celebrity/anime character and click again to show what that person can do well. Click once more to reveal the question of the activity and reveal the options one at a time by clicking on the slide/mouse. Give students time to think and vote on their answers. Click once more to reveal the answer. For Kana Hanazawa, there’s an additional picture after what she can do well at the beginning that’ll show the anime characters she has voiced.
Slide 10: Good job slide!

PLEASE click through the presentation before you use it in class to know the timing of the animations. Good luck and enjoy! Encourage free discussions during the presentation and let them share what else they know about the people/characters in the presentation.

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