Whose-Which Quizzes

Two connected quizzes meant for practicing Whose and Which Possessive Questions.

NOTE: the powerpoint has three versions and the first slide has hyperlinks leading to the one you'll want to use. You can always cut them up into indvidual powers.

UPDATE: I added a 'whose review' to the Which Only quiz. This is for classes that have already studied 'Whose'. Its just a simple rock scissors paper game. Both students have their own worksheet. They do 'rock scissors paper' and the winner points to one of the items on their own worksheet and asks 'Whose~is this?' the loser replies 'It's yours' and the winner circles it. Then repeat this for maybe 2 minutes and stop. Count how many circles they have on their worksheet and the one with the most is the winner. I've included a second version of the worksheet that has less writing to make room for this review game. If

you aren't reviewing 'Whose then delete the review slides and use the original worksheet that is still here.

This is basically an update on 'Whose hat is this' I made to include 'Which book is yours' since those two language points are being taught on the same page in my textbook.

I've included three versions. One just uses 'Whose' and the possessives 'Mine' and 'Yours' in the warm up. The other has a shorter 'Whose' quiz and instead goes onto a part two with 'Which' questions. The third just uses Which.

The warm up has a pair of students first asking each other three questions then sitting down. Then making three statements and sitting down. It should go quickly. The target sentences are in the slide show.

Next are the quizzes. I generally have the students make groups after the demonstration. After each question each group will send a student running to a teacher to answer the question. I either reward points for speed (1st team gets 4 points, then 3 points, then 2 points, etc) or the teachers have point cards and the students draw random points (Ace, Two, Three, Four and Joker which means janken and win and get 5 or lose and lose all points).

After the quiz games there is a writing practice sheet. This should be done independently. I usually reward stickers for completing a certain amount depending on the time.

Submitted by UonumaRobert September 8, 2022 Estimated time: With the intro, the quizzes and the writing most of the lesson
Inspired by Whose hat is this?

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