Turf Takeover

I have only played this game in my second-year middle school. I have a template version and an Infinitive version. This game was inspired by Keith Miyazaki's I Went to Japan to Use an Infinitive.

Submitted by LadyJJams

September 20, 2022

Inspired by: I Went to Japan to Use an Infinitive

Estimated time: Can be whole class


  1. Make laminations of the “inklings”. These will be used to designate teams and their colors.
  2. Make laminations of the prompt(s). For infinitives, I used: “We went to (Prefecture) to (activity/verb)”; with the respective (Prefecture) and (activity/verb) spaces blank. The students will write on the laminations.
  3. Use the PowerPoint provided or make your own that has the instructions and a (preferably simplified) map of Japan.

How to play:

  • Each team picks a prefecture that they want to go to.
  • Students have 15 seconds to write one thing that they can do in that prefecture.
  • If more than 1 team wants to go to the same prefecture, they must Janken. Whoever wins gets the prefecture.
  • If your team wants to challenge another team for their prefecture, then you must Janken. If the challenger wins they get the prefecture. If the challenger loses the other team gets one of the challenger's prefectures. -The team with the most prefectures wins.

The students must read their answers to you out loud.
Use the highlighter function in PowerPoint to mark out the map.

I believe this game can be very flexible and be used for other grammar points and grades.


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