What time do you ~~? Interview

Students will become 1 of 5 foreigners, each with varying daily schedules. Their goal is to find the other 4 foreigners and learn about their schedule through a series of interview questions.

First of all, this is my first upload on this site so be kind! I've had lots of success with other activities from here, so it's time for me to contribute.
This activity is designed to cover the "What time do you ~~? I ~~ at ~~am/pm" grammar in New Horizon 1 Unit 4 on Pg. 40. Students will receive one of 5 worksheets in the word document. Each worksheet has the same number of blanks to fill in, but has a different person with their own unique name, country of origin, and schedule. The end goal will be to find the other 4 characters besides your own and ask for their information to fill in your table.
The left side of the worksheet has a picture from irasutoya to represent the character, as well as their name, country and schedule. The right side is the table for them to fill in, starting by writing their partner's character's name and country, then writing the times in the appropriate boxes. At the bottom of the worksheet is a sample dialogue for them to use when making a new pair and interviewing.

A few important notes:
- I've worked with this class since they were in elementary school, so I know their level of English quite well. This is geared for a higher level class, so feel free to remove and/or change the content if it is too long/difficult for your students.
- The times listed in the schedule are all in intervals of 5 minutes, so I spent time practicing how to tell time with the students before this activity. If you don't have the time (pun intended) or if the students can't say them easily, you can change them to rounder numbers.
- The JTE explained that in Japan they use the 24 hour system, but in other countries, they might use the 12 hour system. This worksheet operates using the 12 hour system, so we also practiced a.m. and p.m.
- The font I use in the worksheet is actually from the New Horizon Textbook. The font was on the install disc that came with the set, so I ripped it and put it on my USB so I can install it on any computer I use (I work at 4 schools). If you don't have access to that font, feel free to change it. Not sure if I can upload it due to copyright (?)
- I kept the original worksheets (the ones I used on the copier) with me so that the JTE and I can become and of the characters in case students can't find a partner due to odd numbers or just random chance.

Submitted by MrMomotaro September 22, 2022 Estimated time: 45-50 minutes (can be shortened)

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