SpyXFamily Pencil Case

Simple classroom practice for stationary items, just made it fun with spy family gifs

For Let's Try 2 Unit 5: Do you have a pen?

Simple game to practice items in a pencil case.
(My first time making a PPT game and also slightly rushed- so pardon my mistakes. I'll take any advice if you have any!)

You can go over the vocabulary beforehand, but if they're a genki class- it's not needed!

I told my students that I have a pencil case... but Spy X Family edition.
Anya is hiding somewhere, so let's find Anya!

Every slide says the amount of Anya's available, and it slowly gets "harder" to find Anya. I mix in different anime gifs just to grab my students' attention, but you're welcome to change it back to Spy Family.

I asked my JTE as the first example to show students how to answer.
For each student, I ask "What do you have?" and they need to say: "I have a _____." (ex."I have a pencil sharpener.")
After the student answers, I have the whole class repeat it as well.

Slide 3 and 4 are meant to practice plurals (just a bit). "I have # ______s." (ex."I have 3 markers.")
(I personally split my warm-up game into two separate days.)

Hope you guys enjoy!

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    Submitted by Ganba_Rei October 11, 2022 Estimated time: 10-20mins
    1. jminamistar October 12, 2022

      So well done! Can't wait to use it!!

    2. Cityfan October 13, 2022

      Very nice!

    3. flohoman February 7, 2023


    4. krish July 7, 2023


    5. standingmountainjs October 2, 2023

      What a great activity! I'm excited to use it in class. I have a question, though: What role does Damian have in the game? He seems like he'd have a special rule whenever he was found, but I'm not sure. Is it up to the ALT? Thanks in advance.

    6. Dansensei71 October 3, 2023

      I was also wondering about Damian here. The activity is absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to use it with my students!

    7. lxxlxdhx November 16, 2023

      My 4th graders had a lot of fun with this! I was thoroughly entertained by their reactions when they see all the animated gifs. This was such a great activity, thank you so much! :)

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