SpyXFamily Pencil Case

Simple classroom practice for stationary items, just made it fun with spy family gifs

Submitted by Ganba_Rei

October 11, 2022

Estimated time: 10-20mins

Intended for:

  • Let's Try 2 page 18
  • For Let's Try 2 Unit 5: Do you have a pen?

    Simple game to practice items in a pencil case.
    (My first time making a PPT game and also slightly rushed- so pardon my mistakes. I'll take any advice if you have any!)

    You can go over the vocabulary beforehand, but if they're a genki class- it's not needed!

    I told my students that I have a pencil case... but Spy X Family edition.
    Anya is hiding somewhere, so let's find Anya!

    Every slide says the amount of Anya's available, and it slowly gets "harder" to find Anya. I mix in different anime gifs just to grab my students' attention, but you're welcome to change it back to Spy Family.

    I asked my JTE as the first example to show students how to answer.
    For each student, I ask "What do you have?" and they need to say: "I have a _____." (ex."I have a pencil sharpener.")
    After the student answers, I have the whole class repeat it as well.

    Slide 3 and 4 are meant to practice plurals (just a bit). "I have # ______s." (ex."I have 3 markers.")
    (I personally split my warm-up game into two separate days.)

    Hope you guys enjoy!

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    1. jminamistar October 12, 2022

      So well done! Can't wait to use it!!

    2. Cityfan October 13, 2022

      Very nice!

    3. flohoman February 7, 2023


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