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I saw someone sharing cool websites for the classroom, so I hope this is ok?!
You've probably seen these games before, but now they've been upgraded designwise :)
(I just love her designs so much and I can't remember where I found her, but I'm so happy I did!!!)

From her website:
"Who are you?
Hi! My name is Tayler, I’m a graphic designer-turned ESL/EFL teacher, and I’m the designer of all the games featured on this website. I utilize my expertise in both design and teaching to bring you high-quality, effective PowerPoint games to use in your own classroom.

What is it?
This website is meant to be a resource for teachers to download free, easily-editable, high-quality games for their lessons. These games also require little prep work. For most of my games, all you have to do is edit them with the vocabulary or target language from your own classes and the games are ready to play! I also provide PowerPoint design tips and tutorials through my Tay's Tips blog."

I really enjoy her review games and the kids love them so much! I've also learned a lot about ppt edits just by analyzing her ppts.

Themes include: Mario, Pokemon, Disney, ATLA, Animal Crossing, Among Us, and more!

EVERYTHING IS FREE, but if you enjoy her designs/games, you can buy her a coffee (donate to her buymeacoffee).

Submitted by grace0103 January 19, 2023 Estimated time:
  1. noveena January 19, 2023

    Whoa! This is my first time seeing this! There is so much stuff here! Thanks for sharing!

  2. grace0103 January 19, 2023

    @noveena Of course! I just love her stuff so much omg. it's the 1st/2nd place I look after here :D

  3. kusobaba January 20, 2023

    Thanks for sharing, I will try again later but right now the website appears to be down.

  4. kusobaba January 20, 2023

    Edit: it's already working again and it looks great. Thank you.

  5. ann5577 January 20, 2023

    This is wonderful! Thank you very much for sharing this :)

  6. apantalena January 23, 2023

    Fantastic! Thanks

  7. Domdijock February 3, 2023

    I use her stuff literally every week, good idea posting it here! I hope other people can use these amazing PPT games too! (So far my students' favorite has been the Exploading Kittens Game)

  8. taliwah July 4, 2023

    Sharing this has been a godsend. Thank you so much!

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